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Adderall, is a combination medication containing four salts of amphetamine. Adderall is used in the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy. It is also used as an athletic performance enhancer and cognitive enhancer, and recreationally as an aphrodisiac and euphoriant. Buy Adderall 25mg XR online



Buy Adderall 25mg XR online | Buy Amphetamine online

Buy Adderall 25mg XR online legit here. Adderall, is a combination medication containing four salts of amphetamine. Adderall is used in the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy. It is also used as an athletic performance enhancer and cognitive enhancer, and recreationally as an aphrodisiac and euphoriant. Buy Amphetamine online

How Adderall works | Order Adderall 25mg online

Adderall (dextroamphetamine / amphetamine) is an amphetamine stimulant. Researchers don’t know exactly how it works for ADHD, but it raises the activity of the hormones norepinephrine and dopamine in the brain, which affects attention and behavior. Order Adderall 25mg online

Side effects of Adderall | Purchase Adderall 25mg online

Purchase Adderall 25mg online. Dextroamphetamine and amphetamine may cause side effects, including:

  • Nervousness
  • Restlessness
  • Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
  • Uncontrollable shaking of a part of the body
  • Headache
  • Changes in sex drive or ability
  • Dry mouth
  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss

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46 reviews for Adderall 25mg (XR)

  1. Braelynn

    “Adderall is overall a good ADD medicine. The only side effects I get are insomnia and weight loss but it really does work for school.”

  2. Nedia Brucc

    not for my son My son is 5 1\2 and he is on adderall xr.It seemed to work in the beginning but now after a few months he is getting worse.He seems to be right back to where he was before.Very bad behavior changes have occured and he does not listen.I’m tring to get his doctor to perscribe something else.I don’t know what but anything is better than this.With the effects he is getting now I feel this medication is not the right one.

  3. Tonystyles

    Holy Cow im taking at least 90mg of this stuff and it still isnt that effective. maybe its just me.

  4. Justine287

    “My 10 y/o daughter used this medication for several months. Was not as effective as a previous medication (Vyvanse). Did not last that long (effect wore off mid day) and caused her to have an increased heart rate daily. In addition, her entire mood changed. She became uninterested in even her favorite things, almost like a depression, and she also became extremely moody. Very irritable and easily aggitated and upset.”

  5. Dilian9040

    “I was prescribed Adderall XR for lack of focus and attention. After being on the medicine (10 mg) for 4 days I felt very confused and had trouble talking. I was stumbling over my words and second guessing myself. My appetite was altered (as expected) but I made sure I ate frequently. I also noticed I was very impulsive and short tempered, more than usually. I just wasn’t my normal self on this medicine. I’m glad it has worked for many people, but it did not agree with me.”

  6. Brimmany

    “Having been recently diagnosed with ADD at the age of 31, I would have to say that stimulant therapy has been a God send! My doctor first prescribed Ritalin-SR, and I felt it was not as effective as it could be, so she changed my prescription to Adderall-XR 20 mg and I feel it is working. I feel more focused at work with better concentration. I don’t procrastinate as often as I have (my entire life), but one unexpected result of the therapy is I no longer feel irritable and short-tempered! I also don’t feel frustrated as much as I used too. My staff and co-workers have noticed the difference and have told me they don’t feel the need to “walk on egg-shells” around me! So in summation, Adderall is certainly doing the trick!”

  7. Eliora

    Not good Without a mood stabilizer on board: agressive, hyperactive, impulsive.

  8. Emila890

    Adderall XR Adderall treated some of the adhd symptoms, however caused an increase in agression.

  9. Oliver

    Dry mouth, insomnia, no appetite. Those are the extend of my side effects. Since I am now focused, able to follow through on projects, organize my thoughts, it’s a good trade off.

  10. Grey Steven

    When’s this supposed to kick in? I started taking Adderall XL 20 mg once a day this past Wednesday – so far I don’t notice much if any difference. Is it supposed to take time to start working? I was on Phentermine last year for weight loss, and am wondering if, because I took phentermine, my body is used to stimulants and the Adderall won’t have much of an effect. Some of you take two 20 mg/ a day. Do you have your rx filled with twice the amount of pills? Or do you have to go in and get your rx filled twice a month?

  11. Elliot Taylor

    “Adderall XR has changed my life. For years, I have struggled with depression and just not feeling well. I happened across an article on Adult ADD and recognized the symptoms. I talked to my doctor and went off Effexor XR and then began taking Adderall XR. Before, I has lost focus by 11 a.m. and didn’t even know where to begin on projects for work. Everything just seemed to be too difficult to do. I couldn’t make it through the day without a long nap. I feel great, am actually enjoying my work, and don’t need naps anymore. Always take it first thing in the morning; otherwise, it will interfere with sleep.”

  12. Simon

    “I began taking this before I began any other medication. It made me more anxious and nervous. It also seemed to increase my OCD (the “pure O” form) by making me more prone to think about my OCD. It did help me to focus on occasions, but it also made me focus on my anxieties and obsessions as well. My therapist told me that stimulants like this one and Concerta are not good for people with anxiety disorders (almost all of them), unless they have anxiety because they cannot focus and accomplish necessary tasks. I recommend talking to a counselor or Psychologist/psychiatrist before being prescribed stimulants for ADHD.”

  13. Grizly23

    “I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and narcolepsy 15 years ago, I have been on every formulation of Ritilan there is, but Adderall XR works the best for me.”

  14. SaintBowe1

    Works well I’m an adult with ADHD, inattentive type. I was diagnosed about 5 years ago. I’ve tried several different meds, and Adderall as worked the best for me. It is not a cure-all by any means, but it gives me a good “kick in the butt” to get started on tasks and helps me stay focused while listening to others in meetings, lectures, conversation.

  15. Sarah

    “I’m 18 and have been taking Adderall XR 30mg for 10 years now. When I take it, I can focus on school work and my job and actually succeed. I like being able to do well in school and work but lately the side effects have seemed to intensify like crazy. I’d always experienced the loss of appetite but now the sweating, anxiety and depression are all starting to wreck havoc on my life. I’m not sociable at all when I’m on this medication. I feel like I’m more of a robot. And if I get distracted for a second and start something else, I will focus on that instead of getting my work done. I’ve tried other medications in the past but none do the job like Adderall. ”

  16. Berrick

    “I have been taking Adderall now for about a month. So far so good, it’s helped me focus a lot. I felt good before in regard to mood, now I feel even better. I’m concerned it may cause libido issues when I have been on it longer. ”

  17. LittleGirl234

    “I’m 18 years old. I have been on Adderall for about 3 years and it is amazing. I’m ADHD. I have tried Vyvance which did nothing for me. I have also tried Ritalin which caused a complete mood change. I had very depressing thoughts and a overall bad mood. The littlest things would set me off. I thought I was going to kill. Adderall is what I found right for me. ”

  18. James

    “It helps keep me calm and focused at work. I do suffer insomnia if I don’t take my daily dose consistently. I tried to stop taking it and my metabolism took a severe nose dive even though I never had weight problems before. I did lose about ten pounds when I started taking it but it leveled off and I was able to maintain a healthy weight. I would have liked to try a more natural approach to managing my ADD but the weight gain has added depression and therefore I’m back on it.”

  19. TeamSpeak

    Adderall Adderall has helped me.

  20. Wiffon

    “I have MDD, GAD, and ADHD. The worse trifecta in my opinion. The reason why is because when I start treating one disorder the others get worse. Well I had gotten my MDD and GAD in check and on to treat my ADHD so I was given a very low dose of Adderall XR (10mg). It was way too over stimulating for me. I had so much anxiety that I couldn’t even focus which is what Adderall is supposed to help you do. So I switched over to 5mg Adderall XR and while my anxiety didn’t shoot up like the last dosage it still was ineffective.”

  21. Michael0023

    “I was diagnosed with ADD about 5 years ago; a year later, I started taking a Concerta for 2-3 months; it gave me headaches and didn’t help. Hearing good things about Adderall I tried it and wow it was like magic. I felt awesome, I could actually think and focus, and everything was great with not-so-terrible side-effects. The thing with Adderall for me was that I constantly had to change doses (I tried XR 10, 20, 30 and reg 5,10). I jumped all over the spectrum, because my biggest side effect was it affected my sleep and I was soon diagnosed with moderate obstructive sleep apnea; may not be correlated but it exploited this problem. After roughly 3.5 years the side-effects have increased and it doesn’t help much. Looking into Desoxyn and Dexedrine.”

  22. Chris

    Have been taking 20mg twice a day for 8 years. God send. No side effects.

  23. Leser

    “Thiss pill makes it alot easier to cope with life and its everyday activities. Some side effects are obvious but this really does work”

  24. Zlahsh

    Not Adderall This medication caused a racing heart,even after reducing the dosage.

  25. Apollo

    Works on excessive sleepiness For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fighting to stay awake – I literally feel like I’ve slept most of my life away. I’ve always attributed it to depression & have been under the treatment of a psychiatrist for over 12 years. I’ve resisted many of the anti-depressants because they worsen user’s fatigue & I didn’t need anything that would make me sleepier than I already was! I finally saw a sleep specialist who concluded I suffer from a variation of narcolepsy – however, she wasn’t able to label it as such because I’ve never fallen asleep while talking or eating. I’ve never had the cataplexy or sleep apnea or other typical narcoleptic symptons. My symptoms were just extreme tiredness – constantly struggling to stay awake & alert while driving, watching TV, riding in the car, etc. My insurance company refused to pay for the recommmended sleep study, so I don’t have a formal diagnosis of narcolepsy. My doctor prescribed Provigil which worked like a godsend – unfortunately, without the explicit diagnosis (backed up by a sleep study)of narcolepsy, the insurance company wouldn’t pay for the Provigil. As a substitute, the doctor prescribed Adderall. This works extremely well to keep me awake and focused. I can finally get through a day without yawning all the time – what a joy! I can finally watch my kid play hockey without struggling to keep awake. My only beef with Adderall is that it DOESN’T fight the depressive feelings like Provigil does and it does tend to make me a little grouchy and short-tempered. I don’t know of the crabbiness is due to the Adderall or due my frustration that I’m still depressed. But for those struggling to be alive instead of asleep all the time, Adderall is terrific. If I can’t afford the Provigil (or can’t get the insurance company to pay for it), Adderall is a good 2nd choice.

  26. Pokerboy

    “I started it a few days ago. It helps me stay focused and less anxious in public situations.

  27. Aurelie

    I’m so depressed reading the positive reviews (I’m a bit envious I guess) but I take the adderal XR for ADHD and it would work for me for only an hour and that’s it after that I would be a zombie. So tired, no motivation. Bed ridden to be honest. I’m devastated it works for so many people. I had such high hopes. Back to the scratch board again. I didn’t want to believe it was the medicine because of all the positivity but it definitely is. Quite depressed.”

  28. Paul

    I’ve been taking Adderall 20mg 4 times a day for appx 10 years or so and it has greatly improved my life tremendously

  29. Emily274

    Helps with depression When I’m depressed, Adderall helps to boost my mood. It is also great for my ADD.

  30. Anonymous

    “Helps really.”

  31. Callie

    I can sleep at night, but I do’t need naps during the day. I’m far less edgy and tempermental. I do not get frustrated nearly as easily.

  32. Nba35

    “It’s been a blessing since being on adderall XR. I can think better and focus so I can succeed at a lot of things. Everyone with ADD should be on it.”

  33. Walkerstrip

    Adderall XR 20 mg After having used Amantadine and Provigil I am having what I consider excellent success with Adderall and with my insuirance plan it is more cost effective. Slightly jittery in beginning of treatment but that fades. I can now make it through a day without having to lie down due to overwhelming fatigue. Also may help fatigue disguised as depression which is wonderful. So far this medication is a God send for me.

  34. Grandma Celia

    Most legit site ever. I got delivery soonest, unbelievably everything happened as they say. i will give these 5 star rating for you all. Thank you Vyvanse Shop!!

  35. Anonymous

    I have been using adderall for 1.5 years. The first few months of taking this medication, I had side effects including: rapid heart beat, insomnia, unusual behaviors, frequent urination, and loss of appetite. However, my life became more productive. My focus and concentration levels increased tremendously. I have more physical energy, and I have more control and success with work, college classes, and family life. The last few months, I decided to keep a track of the amount of pills I take on a monthly calendar. Adderall is an addictive medication, stimulating your mind and body, so take it with caution and get yearly blood work done. I am 43 years of age.

  36. HeadsalwaysUp

    “Had the best results from Adderall XR. So smooth that I could concentrate and felt like the most normal person with absolutely no highs and lows. I could sit and concentrate for hours, go to sleep like normal people and wake up like other adults. Insurance quit paying for it and had to switch to regular Adderall.”

  37. Taylor246

    Been taking it since I was 10. So over 20 years. Has really helped me stay in turned. My thoughts

  38. Stunner3478

    “I was first prescribed Adderall XR 15mg in 2009. I was so fatigued that I was falling asleep driving to work. This medication helped immediately; I took it first thing in the morning, and it would give me a burst of energy. All of a sudden I was able to focus, and I stayed calm and rational amidst the craziest chaos at work. I absolutely loved the way I was when I took Adderall. I always took a break from it on weekends to prevent my body from building a tolerance too soon. That it would happen I had no doubt about; but I wanted to enjoy it as long as possible. (If you know the movie “Limitless”, then you know what I’m talking about). I was still me, just better. Alas, I had to up my dosage to get the same effect. Now at 60mg.”

  39. LittleMinds234

    It didn’t seem to help the fatigue at all. It seemed to effect my cognitive state. I feel it did not work!

  40. Onacona

    I have began to feel as though I am getting immuned to Aderall i already take 20mgs 2x a day. Does not always feel as though it works. Do you have any other advice on different medication?

  41. Thomas

    “very bad mood swings.”

  42. Anonymous

    As a child I was diagnosed with ADD. I thought I grew out of it and wanted off the medication. I am now in my mid 20’s, just started a new job, which requires alot of concentration. I was messing up all the time, and then decided to talk to my doctor about it. She then prescribed me this medication, which after adjusting the dose, my boss and I have noticed a huge improvement. Thank you Vyvanse shop.

  43. Travis3343

    Adderall or even better dextroamphetimine are the top 2 stimulants to prescribe for Social AD. The medication help you to focus on other individuals and Comprehend there actions better. As well as be more willing to engage into the convesation

  44. Olivia

    I took Adderall for about 7-8 months. It was the first medication that I have taken for ADHD as in the past I have suffered through the symptoms. Overall I would say that it helped my focus and drowsiness. Other than that I didn’t notice a huge change in other areas, though the ability to stay awake and keep focused helped at work. I still managed to forget important events. It works well for those of us who have the in-attentive type ADHD.

  45. ADLEY

    I’ve been taking this medicine for about 1 year now. I think it is great. I have been able to do better in school, and focus more at work. I am also able to sit still, and not move around as much.”

  46. Lou

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